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Innovation & E-learning


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As the Training Advisory Council responsible for Information Technology and Innovation, the Department of Education and Training contracts us to deliver the E-learning Coordinator, Flexible Learning Toolboxes and E-learning Innovations business activities on their behalf.

These activities come under the banner of the Australian Flexible Learning Framework (Framework).

"The Framework is the e-learning strategy for the vocational education and training (VET) sector. It provides the VET system with the essential e-learning infrastructure and expertise needed to respond to the challenges of a modern economy and the training needs of Australian businesses and workers.

The Framework was launched as a strategy in 2000, responding to information and communication technology (ICT) developments in workplaces and society. The Australian Government and all states and territories agreed to work together nationally to advance the use of e-learning in VET."

To keep up to date with what is going on in this space throughout the NT please contact Melanie on 08 8942 1651 or to be added to our Flexible Learning distribution list.